Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What strata management services do you provide?

A:  We provide full management services, financial only packages and everything in between.   

Q:  How do we cancel if we are not satisfied?

A:  60 days written notice. 

Q:  Do you include site inspections in your management?

A. We believe preventative maintenance is an integral part of a well run strata. We conduct regular inspections to ensure issues are identified and brought to council’s attention. 

Q:  How much do you charge?

A:  Our services are tailored to each strata, our prices reflect the specific requirements of each strata. We are competitively priced and welcome the opportunity to assess your needs and give you a quote. 



EZ, Treasurer

“We don’t often get these overviews in such our meetings. This helps us a lot!  Thank you for your support and patience the past few years”

MC, Treasurer

"I am not too good in finance/budget but you made it easy for me and even pleasant. I am very grateful.”

Strata Professional

“Your break down of strata fees and different amounts owing is better than any other property manager out there. They should all adopt this model.”