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Paul Butterworth

why hire a professional?


Your strata unit is not just your home, it is an investment.  The financial stability of your strata can improve its marketability.  Owners get involved on council to help ensure their investment is being managed wisely...the time commitment offered by a few is utilized by all owners and the work can be onerous.  A professional strata management company will assist the Strata Council with the many decisions and duties they face, while ensuring they are acting in accordance with the Strata Property Act.  A property manager is impartial and can help mediate if conflict resolution is required. 


Each strata is unique and will have different requirements.  Many strata corporations hire a property manager primarily for their financial services. 

We strongly believe that the financial reporting is of utmost importance and pride ourselves on having one of the most comprehensive accounting packages in the field.  Our extensive experience in this area assures complete, accurate and consistent reporting.  Regular consultation and review ensures the treasurer can report to council with confidence. 


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The dedication you show as council members is equal to the dedication you have a right to expect from your management team - we know our business and are passionate about exceeding your expectations.

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